FRACGP KFP – How to Study

Overall Study Approaches on how (not what) to study for the RACGP KFP

“Whats the best way to prepare?” always comes up for the FRACGP KFP.  While there are many opinions and advice readily available on the web: we’ve listed the general go-tos beneath.

Understanding the RACGP KFP Questions

FRACGP KFP Questions –  Structure

The exam claims to be one of clinical reasoning, but the presupposition of that is that you have memorised all the lists, and know the content – from there you clinically reason into non-overcoded lists in the exam, based on the questions provided.

To do this you have to:

  1. Learn the Lists before the exam (Get the knowledge)
  2. Derive the Lists in the exam (Clinical Reasoning)

While the exam *is* a test of clinical reasoning, its pointless if you haven’t learned the content. We all haven’t come this far in life without being able to reason, jesus.

Before the FRACGP KFP Exam – Get the Knowledge

You need the right knowledge – broad and deep and obtained from the right sources.

Do the Work

My opinion: 1000-2000 hours. Others say 100 hours. I call shenanigans on that. It takes ages to cover everything and work out how to commit that to memory.

Read Everything

In the early years of my training, I was told “Just read Murtagh’s, you’ll be fine”. While this is roughly right, its also exactly wrong. Wildly, wildly wrong in just the most horrible way.

In fact, in my opinion, you have to read and memorise:

  1. Murtaghs – noting that it often just touches on things and some of the information is years out of date and incorrect.
  2. AFP – All of the AFP articles, particularly the clinical cases in the AFPs are fair game.
  3. Checks – all the checks
  4. RACGP Guidelines – Red Book, White Book, Silver Book, Indigenous Health – read and memorise it
  5. eTG – all of eTG, particularly the edge content is fair game
  6. Guidelines – particularly the National Heart Foundation ones on hypertension and the NHMRC one on Diabetes
  7. FOAM4GP A-Z – The author is involved heavily in exam creation.

Memorise Everything

Find ways of making all this information stick, whatever modalities work for you in the time that you have, most of this you’ll be knackered from actual work and life, and learn to “study tired”. This is really the reason we made the podcast (available on iTunes and RSS), because I was tired and couldn’t read at the end of the day, but I could lie on the couch and listen.

Answering the questions – in all the exams – relies on you knowing the information, and from there you demonstrate this knowledge. If you don’t have it, and are making shit up, they’re going to know

In the FRACGP KFP Exam

Avoid Mistakes

More information on that here, derived directly from the 2017.2 KFP RACGP Feedback.

Use the Qualifying Statements to aid reasoning

Understanding the qualifying statements in the question is half the battle, and is the key for knowing at what level to pitch your answers

“Most important” Think “SERIOUS DISORDERS NOT TO BE MISSED” from Murtaghs
“Most likely” Think “PROBABILITY DIAGNOSIS from Murtaghs”
“Initial” Often used for investigations, what would be your FIRST LINE, EASY step.
“Best” What answer is going to give you ONE diagnosis. Often used in investigation questions
“Immediate” Often related to management – what IMMEDIATE management step are you going to do (OR NOT DO)

 Ride Your Luck

Sometimes you won’t know, or it will be on the fringes of your memory. Just go for it, commit to an answer and trust the gods.

Don’t Overcode

Just don’t do it. Even after all that study, I think I just passed because I didn’t overcode in in the final attempt. The study didn’t feel like it helped even, though now that Im out, I can see how its useful for solo practice, for that weird stuff that comes in and to make your pattern recognition fast and efficient and safe.

More Study Advice for the RACGP KFP

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  3. Vyon Sharma
  4. Leela’s Way
  5. GreenGP
  6. Australian Doctor
  7. Genevieve’s Anthology
  8. GP Trove
  9. GPTQ
  10. Graduate Medicine
  11. Medical Observer
  12. Medical Republic
  13. National Home Doctor Service
  14. GPRA
  15. GMT
  16. Medcast
  17. Susan Wearne


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