09 – Gastroenterology | Anorectal

09 – Gastroenterology | Anorectal

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GP Core Content – Episode 9 – Anorectal Disorders

In Episode 9 of the GP Core Content podcast, we talk about everything anorectal – dermatology and gastroenterology, and describe the key features on history, examination, investigation, management as well as the diagnostic criteria, for use in the RACGP KFP, AKT, OSCE.

CRACKCast E096 – Anorectal Disorders


This episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 96, Anorectal Disorders. These complaints are sensitive in nature and are not easily volunteered by patients. A sensitive and thorough history is necessary to help resolve these complaints that can be devastating to quality of life.

CRACKCast E032 – Constipation


This episode of CRACKCast cover’s Rosen’s Chapter 32, Constipation1. Constipation is a common presenting symptoms in the ER in our geriatric population, and a good approach can help prevent unnecessary testing.

Episode 54 – January 15, 2018 AFP: American Family Physician


Heel pain (1:10), a hypertension guideline (5:10), H. pylori infection (6:40), preeclampsia screening (8:40), colorectal cancer screening (10:20), and our favorite Tweets (13:50).

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