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OSCE – Respiratory

8 cases. 2 hours of VOPP tutes. 2 hours of Sim Walk-Throughs. 

The Respiratory OSCE Course is deisgned to enhance your preparation and study orthe RACGP OSCE/ Clincial Examinations, which as of May 2020 will be conducted over online form in a mixed OSCE/Viva approach.



See walk throughs of the cases before your actual OSCE. Complete with 8 cases and 2 hours of walk through videos so you can get the feel for the depth and breadth of the new OSCE format 

8 Episodes

2 hours 


VOPP Tutes

In-depth video tutorials of the cases, with preparation advice, clinical cues, detailed understanding of the cases provided, to enhance your understanding of the cases and your study. 

8 Episodes

2 hours 



Overview of the course structure and layout, with full transparency and visibility of the products.

8 Episodes

2 hours 



Get the GP Core Content podcast from Soundcloud, or your favourite podcast catcher. 

200+ Episodes

40+ hours 


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14 Courses

100+ Past RACGP Exam AKT Questions

500+ AKT Questions 

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14 Courses 

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14 Courses

100+ Past RACGP Exam AKT Questions

500+ AKT Questions 


3 Courses

30 Sample KFP Qs  

50 Sample AKT Qs  

100 Sample KFP Qs




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Latest from the GP Core Content Blog

Latest news articles on product development and upgrades from the team at GP Core Content.  See “behind the scenes” and stay in touch with the team.

Update – Free Course

Update – Free Course

The Free Sample Course has had an upgrade overnight, to full show the range of questions on offer, added some extra questions in, and made the overall course structure for each course presented more readily.

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Updated Student Portal

Updated Student Portal

The student portal has been updated, to a more weekly view rather than a course based view. Both views are still available on the right hand menu.

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  Yesterday was launch day for the AKT and KFP! After countles hours and late nights both programing and writing questions, researching questions, aaargh, we finally launched the AKT and KFP products. The OSCE product is yet to come, and we are also super excited...

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AKT + KFP Bundle – now available

AKT + KFP Bundle – now available

Written Exam Bundle - Now Available Based on feedback, we've combined the AKT +KFP into one easy bundle, with an extra $100 off! Also included the "KFP Meta" product, which we love. Get 2 years access to our products, at great prices.  

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