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Our courses feature an array of original and difficult questions as well as links to the relevant RACGP Public Exam Report for each topic. Backed by the Study Guides and Podcasts, as well as our bespoke KFP, AKT, OSCE, CAAKT / SJT courseware.



Our AKT product consists of 12 (and increasing) modules based around different systems, each of which has currently 20 questions, with 1-5 sub questions.

We’ve made them to be moderately – severely difficult, and deliberately designed to test the limits of your study and readings.

They are based in the core readings of

  • Australian Journal of General Practice
  • Australian Family Physician
  • Relevant Australian Guidelines
  • Therapeutic Guidelins
  • Murtaghs General Practice

We’ve completed ‘Round 1″ of these questions, with additional rounds to continually be added, to assist you with your study towards Australian General Practice Fellowship with the RACGP.

They go well with our other RACGP Exam Preparation Products – AKT, KFP, OSCE, CAAKT, SJT – in pursuit of the FRACGP with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.



AKT Courses

AKT - Cardiology
AKT - Orthopaedics + Rheumatology
AKT - Psychiatry
AKT - Geriatrics
AKT - Women’s Health
AKT - Gastroenterology
AKT - Respiratory
AKT - Exam Tips
AKT - Dermatology
AKT - Paediatrics
AKT - Neurology
AKT - Ophthalmology


Included Free with purchase!

Study Guide - Psychiatry
Study Guide - Orthopaedics + Rheumatology
Study Guide - ECGs in Cardiology
Study Guide - Cardiology
Study Guide - Respiratory
Study Guide- Dermatology
Study Guide - Paediatrics
Study Guide- Neurology
Study Guide - Ophthalmology
Study Guide- Gastroenterology
Study Guide- Women’s Health
Study Guide- Indigenous
Study Guide - Geriatrics
RACGP KFP - Exam Technique