Our free sample course includes a variety of AKT, KFP and KFP Meta Questions, so you can get an idea of the quality, quantity and ethos of our RACGP Exam Prep Courseware.


Module 1AKT Samples
Unit 1Dermatology AKT 1.3 (Free) - Bob has Histology
Unit 2Dermatology AKT Overview
Unit 3Gastroenterology AKT 2.8 (Free) - Kalyeeahaa has abdominal pain
Unit 4Gastroenterology AKT Overview
Unit 5Ophthalmology AKT 2.1 (Free) - Billy sees floating cloth
Unit 6Ophthalmology AKT Overview
Unit 7Respiratory AKT 2.9 (Free) - Betty has the Sarcoid
Unit 8Respiratory AKT Overview
Unit 9Womens Health AKT 2.8 (Free) - Betty Had a Test
Unit 10Womens Health AKT Overview
Unit 11Cardiology AKT 2.10 (Free) - Stanley has chest pain
Unit 12Cardiology AKT Overview
Unit 13Geriatrics AKT 1.8 (Free) - Dashii is off
Unit 14Geriatrics AKT Overview
Unit 15Psychiatry AKT Overview
Unit 16Paediatrics AKT 2.7 (Free) - Sammy is seizing
Unit 17Paediatrics AKT - Overview
Unit 18Orthopaedics AKT Overview
Unit 19Neurology AKT 1.5 (Free) - Phillip has weak legs
Unit 20Neurology AKT Structure
Module 2KFP Samples
Unit 1Dermatology KFP 1.1 (Free) – Julie has leg pains
Unit 2Dermatology KFP Overview
Unit 3Nails KFP Overview
Unit 4Geriatrics KFP Overview
Unit 5Ortho/Rheum KFP 1.6 (Free) - Donald has knee pain
Unit 6Orthopaedics KFP Overview
Unit 7Womens Health KFP Overview
Unit 8Neurology KFP 1.9 (Free)- Natasha has headaches
Unit 9Neurology KFP Overview
Unit 10Gastroenterology KFP Overview
Unit 11Cardiology KFP 1.7 (Free) - Shelly has a sharp chest pain
Unit 12Cardiology KFP Overview
Unit 13Ophthalmology KFP Overview
Unit 14Psychiatry KFP 1.7 (Free) - Stenho is Anxious
Unit 15Psychiatry KFP Overview
Unit 16Respiratory KFP 1.7 (Free) - Mary has Morning Somnolescence
Unit 17Respiratory KFP Overview
Unit 18Paediatrics KFP Overview
Module 3KFP Meta Samples
Unit 1Cardiology Meta 1.3 - Peripheral Vascular Disease (Free)
Unit 2Cardiology Meta KFP Overview
Unit 3Cardiology Meta 1.6 - Hyperlipidaemia (Free)
Module 4OSCE Samples
Unit 1Respiratory OSCE Case 1.7 - PNEUMOTHORAX - SHORT CASE
Unit 3Respiratory OSCE Sim 1.7 - PNEUMOTHORAX - SHORT CASE
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