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This Study Guide features A LOT of material from AFP, AJGP, Checks, past exams, with the aim of covering the curriculum, and aligned to the podcast content.

Module 1Ortho/Rheum in the AFPs
Unit 1Septic arthritis in children
Unit 2Heel pain: a practical approach
Unit 3Exercise in pregnancy
Unit 4Predicting recovery from whiplash injury
Unit 5Hip pain in young adults
Unit 6Sports-related concussion (2014)
Unit 7Case - Wrist Osteolysis
Unit 8Tendon injuries
Unit 9Extrapulmonary tuberculosis
Unit 10Case - spinal osteomyelitis
Unit 11Clubfoot
Unit 12Meniscal tears
Unit 13Shoulder injuries
Unit 14Cervical spine Assessment following trauma
Unit 15Hands, fingers, thumbs - Common injuries
Unit 16Initial assessment of the injured shoulder
Unit 17The Ottawa knee rules
Unit 18Bennett fracture dislocation
Unit 19Mallet finger
Unit 20Skier’s thumb
Unit 21Musculoskeletal pain – presentations to general practice
Unit 22Charcot osteoarthropathy of the foot
Unit 23Slipped upper femoral epiphysis in children
Unit 24Sports related concussion Management in general practice ( 2010)
Unit 25Sports ankle injuries Assessment and management
Unit 26Shin pain in athletes Assessment and management
Unit 27Sports knee injuries Assessment and management
Unit 28Persistent foot pain
Unit 29Tendon injuries
Unit 30Osteomyelitis
Unit 31Upper cervical spine injuries
Unit 32Plantar fasciitis
Unit 33The challenge of managing mid-foot pain
Unit 34Evaluation of digital clubbing
Unit 35Case - Septic Sternoclavicular joint
Unit 36Polymyalgia rheumatica
Unit 37Hip pain in young adults
Unit 38Rheumatoid arthritis
Unit 39Osteoarthritis
Unit 40Viral arthritis
Unit 41Neck pain
Unit 42Ankylosing spondylitis
Unit 43Systemic lupus erythmatosus
Unit 44Case Distal Radial Osteolytic lesion
Unit 45Returning to work
Unit 46Chronic fatigue syndrome
Unit 47Case -dermatomyositis - Rash + weakness
Unit 48Osteoporosis
Unit 49Paget disease of bone
Unit 50Osteoporosis prevention and detection
Unit 51Osteoporosis pharmacological prevention and management
Unit 52Fibromyalgia
Unit 53Polymyalgia rheumatica
Unit 54Whiplash patients
Unit 55Osteoarthritis
Unit 56Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Unit 57Living with rheumatoid arthritis
Unit 58Case - Osteoporosis
Unit 59Case - flexor tenosynovitis
Unit 60Carpal tunnel and workplaces
Unit 61Tendon injuries
Unit 62Case - benign acute childhood myositis (BACM).[AJGP]
Unit 63A GP primer on incisional hernia [AJGP]
Unit 64developmental dysplasia of the hip [AJGP]
Unit 65Low back pain: Can we mitigate the inadvertent psycho-behavioural harms of spinal imaging? [AJGP]
Unit 66A general practitioner primer on groin hernias [AJGP]
Unit 67Neck pain: What if it is not musculoskeletal? [AJGP]
Unit 68Temporomandibular dysfunction [AJGP]
Unit 69Osteosarcopenia: A new geriatric syndrome [AJGP]
Unit 70Rheumatology and the adolescent patient [AJGP]
Unit 71Lisfranc injuries [AJGP]
Module 2Ortho/Rheum in HTT
Unit 1Non-arthritic hip pain in adults
Unit 2Polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis
Unit 3Soft tissue injuries of the knee
Unit 4Psoriatic arthritis
Unit 5Foot pain
Unit 6Paediatric hip and knee pain
Unit 7Ankle pain
Unit 8Doping in sport
Unit 9Ankylosing spondylitis/ spondyloarthritis
Unit 10Osteoarthritis of the hip
Unit 11Assessment of a red, hot and swollen knee
Unit 12Osteoarthritis of the knee
Unit 13Special issues in female athletes
Unit 14Hernias of the abdominal wall
Unit 15What’s new in foot and ankle surgery?
Unit 16New agents in rheumatology - biologics and small molecules
Module 3Ortho/Rheum in the Checks
Unit 1553.1 – Plantar Fasciitis
Unit 2553.2 – Knee Osteoarthritis
Unit 3553.3 - Osteoporosis
Unit 4553.4 – Chronic Pain
Unit 5531.1 – Hip Pain in 19yo – CAM impingement
Unit 6531.2 – Heel Pain – Severs Disease
Unit 7531.3 – Exercise-Induced Asthma
Unit 8531.4 – Foot Pain – Navicular stress fracture
Unit 9531.5 – Recurrent hamstring tear
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